A screenshot of JTossim JTossim is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to TOSSIM, the TinyOS simulator developed by Phil Levis. It allows to define simulation parameters (like radio settings and network topology) and provides different visualizations of the simulation output. It can be used as an interactive tool to debug and analyze TinyOS applications. It is particularly well suited to analyze the output of simulations with many nodes.

Supported features include:

  • Generation of network topologies
  • Generation of link gains
  • Visualization of link gains and node connectivity
  • Management of logging channels
  • Automatic creation of TOSSIM python scripts
  • Real time monitoring and analysis of simulation output
  • Temporal analysis of log files
  • Filtering of log outputs by time and source

JTossim is available for download from SourceForge.

You can learn how to use this program with the JTossim Quick Start Guide.

Network Coding Utilities (ncutils)

NCUtils is a C and Java library containing a set of functions that can be used to implement network coding techniques in applications. The library currently provides:

  • Implementation of finite field operations over GF(p) where p is a prime and GF(2^m)
  • Coding vector decoding for linear network codes (matrix inversion over finite fields)
  • Packet decoding for linear network codes: given a set of linearly coded packets reconstruct the original uncoded packets

This project aims at providing a library of functions that can be reused by researchers and implementers when developing network coding related software projects. To do so it tries to provide a simple and well documented interface.

NCUtils can be downloaded from Google Code


SenseCode is a collection protocol for TinyOS based on Network Coding. It allows to introduce efficiently redundancy in order to improve end-to-end packet delivery rates in highly dynamic sensor networks.

A Prototype implementation of SenseCode derived from CTP, the Collection Tree Protocol, included in TinyOS is available at on Google Code

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