Network Coding and Information Flow (2011)

InstructorChristina Fragouli
InstructorAyfer Ozgur
Teaching AssistantMahdi Jafari Siavoshani
Office HoursTuesday 16:00-18:00
LecturesTuesday 14:15-16:00 (Room:AAC114)
The class starts Feb. 22th


We will cover the basic ideas and research directions in network coding, and introduce tools used in this area.


Network coding is an area that has recently emerged, in the framework of information flow through networks. The new twist is that intermediate nodes in the network perform algebraic operations in their incoming information flows.

In this class we will cover the fundamental principles and applications of network coding. We will examine these principles in the context of several types of traffic (ex. multicasting, multiple unicast, etc). We will study design methods and implementation issues of network coding. We will then discuss benefits in terms of throughput, security, complexity etc. These ideas will be illustrated for specific applications, such as wireless networks, peer-to-peer networks and sensor networks. During the course we will make connections with areas such as linear programming, algebra, coding theory, matroids, etc.

Required Prior Knowledge

Linear algebra. Basic knowledge of graph theory, information theory, coding theory and networking is not required, but is useful.

Course Evaluation

The course evaluation is based on a term project. The students will present their progress in the project in the middle of the semester (by April 19) and give a short report. We will also have a final presentation and report. The final presentation will be followed by asking questions like a small oral exam.

Detailed Schedule

1Tuesday 22.02.2011TBA
2Tuesday 01.03.2011TBA
3Tuesday 08.03.2011TBA
4Tuesday 15.03.2011TBA
5Tuesday 22.03.2011TBA
6Tuesday 29.03.2011TBA
7Tuesday 05.04.2011TBA
8Tuesday 12.04.2011TBA
9Tuesday 19.04.2011TBA
-Tuesday 26.04.2011 (Easter Break)
10Tuesday 03.05.2011TBA
11Tuesday 10.05.2011TBA
12Tuesday 17.05.2011TBA
13Tuesday 24.05.2011TBA
14Tuesday 31.05.2011TBA


Note: The textbook will be given to the students at the beginning of the course.

  1. C. Fragouli and E. Soljanin, Network Coding Fundamentals, Foundations and Trends in Networking, Now Publishers, June 2007.
  2. C. Fragouli and E. Soljanin, Network Coding Applications, Foundations and Trends in Networking, Now Publishers, January 2008.
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