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%Aigaion2 BibTeX export from ARNI Bibliographic Database %Saturday 27 May 2017 12:32:33 AM @ARTICLE{, author = {Fragouli, Christina and Tabet, T.}, title = {Conditions for constant throughput in wireless networks}, journal = {ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks}, volume = {2}, year = {2005}, pages = {359-379}, abstract = {In this paper we propose a set of necessary and sufficient conditions under which the throughput in an ad-hoc network can remain constant as the number of nodes $n$ increases. Throughput refers to the minimum achievable rate between a source-destination pair for a given routing mechanism and physical model, when the network is shared by $\Theta(n)$ randomly chosen source-destination pairs. The main idea is to use a {\em connectivity graph}, that does not represent the actual physical network, but rather the available communication resources. This graph also allows to translate the problem of maximizing t he throughput in ad-hoc networks to the multicommodity flow problem and directly apply related results.} }