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%Aigaion2 BibTeX export from ARNI Bibliographic Database %Saturday 27 May 2017 12:32:45 AM @ARTICLE{, author = {Dhulipala, A. and Fragouli, Christina and Orlitsky, A.}, title = {Silence based communication}, journal = {IEEE Transactions on Information Theory}, volume = {56}, year = {2010}, abstract = {Communication complexity---the minimum amount of communication required---of computing a function of data held by several parties is studied. A communication model where silence is used to convey information is introduced. For this model the worst-case and average-case complexities of symmetric functions are studied. For binary-input functions the average- and worst-case complexities are determined and the protocols achieving them are described. For functions of non-binary inputs one-round communication, where each party is restricted to communicate in consecutive stages, is considered and the extra amount of communication required by one- over multi-round communication is analyzed. For the special case of ternary-input functions close lower and upper bounds on the worst-case one-round complexity are provided and protocols achieving them are described. Protocols achieving the average-case one-round complexity for ternary-input functions are also described. These protocols can be generalized to inputs of arbitrary size.} }