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%Aigaion2 BibTeX export from ARNI Bibliographic Database %Saturday 27 May 2017 12:32:58 AM @ARTICLE{, author = {Keller, Lorenzo and Atsan, Emre and Argyraki, Katerina and Fragouli, Christina}, title = {SenseCode: Network coding for reliable sensor networks}, journal = {EPFL Technical Report, in submission}, year = {2009}, abstract = {Designing a communication protocol for sensor networks often involves obtaining the ``right'' trade-off between energy efficiency and reliability. In this paper, we show that network coding provides a means to elegantly balance these two goals. We present the design and implementation of SenseCode, a collection protocol for sensor networks---and, to the best of our knowledge, the first such protocol to employ network coding. SenseCode provides a way to gracefully introduce a configurable amount of redundant information in the network, thereby increasing reliability in the face of packet loss. We compare SenseCode to the best (to our knowledge) existing alternative and show that it achieves higher reliability (typically 20\%, in certain cases up to 30\%), while consuming the same amount of network resources. We have implemented SenseCode as a TinyOs module, and evaluate it through TOSSIM simulations, as well as a testbed of 30 TinyNode sensors deployed in our department building} }